21st Century Slavery

I’m gonna be blunt here.

We’ve been had… but the fat lady hasn’t even started singing yet!

I started this site in the hope of addressing two points:

  1. How so many of us (the vast majority) got trapped in a cycle of 21st Century Slavery, without even knowing it happened.
  2. How to get us out of it without the wholesale destruction of everything we hold dear.

Yeah, there are those that preach revolution, but I think the time for that has passed. Most of us are way too invested in the path we’ve traveled down, just to watch it burn."2010 0519 Chiang Mai unrest 04" by Takeaway - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2010_0519_Chiang_Mai_unrest_04.JPG#/media/File:2010_0519_Chiang_Mai_unrest_04.JPG

So, what do we do?


  1. Keep on being a slave. Take orders from people who don’t give a darn about us, while pretending to believe the rubbish they spin to us about some mythical ‘win-win’ situation. Might just be me, but I don’t particularly like that option.
  2. Start making incremental changes in how we think, and how we live, that over time will allow us to pull out the drip, see things more clearly, and start taking control over what happens to ourselves, and our families.

Cube Cell

Show of hands please!

I gotta say, they’ve done a great job of brainwashing the world; I’m always surprised to see how many hands continue to go up for Option 1. Well, how about we just wait for those folks to wander on out, so us Option 2 people can get down to business.



Oh, you’re still here!

Time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Since you’re still here, I’m assuming that you’ve had enough of working too hard for too little. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with hard work, but how about the idea that you and yours benefit from the bulk of your efforts, rather than some self-serving individual, or corporation that has no idea when enough is enough!

Sound good?

Let’s get into it then.



That about sums it up. Fear is the weapon that’s been used on you. Fear of everything. Did you know that they’ve messed with people’s heads so well, that there are just about as many people afraid of success, as there are afraid of failure.

What was that you said? “I’m not afraid of success!” Hmm, no, probably not; but what about all the unknown things that wait for you, if you were to become radically successful. Look at all those successful people on the TV, who regularly suffer through terrible circumstances, apparently as a result of their lives changing due to their success. I’m sure that stuff doesn’t creep into the back of your mind.

Along with all that other rubbish they throw at you day-in, day-out in the media. Nah, that stuff just bounces off. None of that has anything to do with the circumstances you’re in, that’s all just because you didn’t work hard enough, or weren’t smart enough, or were just plain unlucky.

It’s this mindset that it’s all too hard, and that we’re just not up to the challenge, that we’re up against here.

We’re gonna beat it.

The Plan

The following points must be addressed to extricate ourselves from self-imposed slavery:

  1. Perception

    We’ve been conditioned to accept certain assumptions about what success looks like; we’re told that that we must live a certain way, look a certain way and feel a certain way. We’re told that if we don’t conform to these ideals, that we’re a failure, and to make us feel even worse, we’re told that being a failure is very bad. We are informed, in subtle ways, that everybody thinks this way, and there’s something wrong with you if you don’t. We know what happens to people that don’t think right , don’t we? We must change the way we think!

  2. Health

    Surprised? Believe me, you can’t think straight if your body is ill. As it’s said, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, and it’s said for a reason. We’ve been sold another load of BS when it comes to nutrition; the way the system works is that our food and lifestyle makes us sick, then we buy maintenance products and services to keep us alive. Yes, keep us alive, not make us well. The truth is that the body heals its self as long as it gets good nutrition, and it exists in a reasonably healthy environment. Anyway, you can’t be free if you’re imprisoned in a sick body. We must change the way we eat and live.

  3. Money!

    The most obvious piece of the slavery puzzle. We are taught from day one about the working day, the working week, the working year and the working life. This gives us time off at the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the year and the end of our life! Time off from slavery. Time off from doing something we don’t want to do, at a time we don’t want to do it, for people we don’t want to do it for. Just. For. Money. Yes, this is a generalization, but it holds true for most who live the’ Groundhog Day Grind’ day-in, day-out, year after year. The truth is, if we were doing something we loved, and we had freedom to do it as we pleased, we’d probably take off a lot less time than we need from our slave jobs, and we’d probably still be doing it on a last day of our lives. We must make money in a way that fulfills us. IT CAN BE DONE!

Cash Money!

Incremental Progress

It’s taken you many years to work your way into the position you’re in, it needn’t take as long to get out. It’ll take work and focus. Step-by-step. As long as you keep going, you’ll get there. We’ll get there together.

Your friends might think you’re crazy. It will be uncomfortable, and you will suffer withdrawal from the ‘Old Life’. All that matters is that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life believing you’ve failed, and feeling like someone else’s priorities are always above yours.

I Can Help You.

I’ve had the Perception and Health covered for years. I’ve been working on my mind since I was a teenager, analyzing, experimenting, going in my head where wise men would not dare to go. It’s been a journey, but it’s allowed me to understand how people think, and what drives them. It’s allowed me to see through the conditioning that’s been perpetrated against us. It’s allowing me to help you now; please take advantage of it.

I was led to the truth of health over 6 years ago by my Naturopath, Anthia Koullouros of Ovvio Organics in Paddington, Sydney. In 6 months I went from very overweight, with numerous health conditions, to slim and healthy. For more information, please check my story and photos on my Health website at http://lowcarblifestyle.org/about-me.

It’s been around 4 years since I’ve taken control of how I generate money. This one was a big challenge for me, due to the conditioned thinking and beliefs that I had around money, but slowly, slowly I’ve been able to shift from traditional work, to ways of making money that can be scaled up without having to spend your whole day/week/year working. I’ve been exploring methods of generating income from anywhere in the world. Ways of automating some of the processes.

Fixing the money thing makes it a lot easier to fix everything else that enslaves you in your life. I highly recommend you have a look at a website called Wealthy Affiliate, it is owned and run by a couple of straight-up guys name Carson and Kyle, and it takes all the guess-work out of starting to make money online through affiliate marketing. Just click the following link in order to see how it works, http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=ac3e9b93. There’s a free membership that lets you get started, with no pressure to pay any money.

This isn’t the only way I’ll be discussing for making money online, but it’s a great way to get going with no risk to you.

I hope this article has been of help to you, and I hope it inspires you to break the chains and come along with me…